“Unnecessary Comedy Relief” ALGON Replies Oyo State Assembly Over Allegations Of Gross Misconduct


Association of Local Government of Nigeria (ALGON), Oyo State branch has described as laughable and a parliamentarian comedy of error, the recent allegations against its members by the Oyo State House of Assembly (OYSHA).

A statement by ALGON Chairman, Prince Ayodeji Abass-Aleshinloye on Wednesday said it rejects the allegation against its members as it smacks of political partisanship and group bias, further describing it as an unnecessary comic relief, unconstitutional, illegal, null and void.

Abass-Aleshinloye said the the allegation will not divert ALGON’s attention or the democracy-lobing people of Oyo State and all discerning Nigerians from the core issue of lawlessness, illegality and the strange dictatorship unleashed by the present administration in the State while the House fiddled, was intimidated and later recruited into the coup against grassroots government in the State. Reproduced below is the full statement:

“ALGON, Oyo State rejects the vomitous allegation of gross misconduct against our members, the democratically elected chairmen of local government and development areas in the state. It smacks of political partisanship and group bias. It is laughable and unnecessary comic relief, it is unconstitutional, illegal null and void.
“Sorry, the blackmail this time from the parliament came too late and too little in the day and this irritation is too small to divert ALGON’s attention or distract democracy loving people of Oyo State and all discerming Nigerians from the core issue of lawlessness, illegality and strange dictatorship unleashed on the state by the state governor, Engr. Seyi Makinde while the House fiddled, was intimidated and later recruited to be part of the coup against grassroots government in the state. The house was complicit by illegally approving the governor’s hungry local termites, the undertakers called caretakers to invade and feed fat on local government councils despite our letters to the parliament to call the governor to order.

“That the parliament’s allegation of gross misconduct against us came few days after the ALGON Chairman had publicly alleged the illegal hurried sales of property of councils by the illegal caretakers and also exposed the N3. 5m “war matching grant” that the governor gave each of the council invaders as part of the war budget to hire thugs to attack, maim, kill and destroy local government secretariat, after elected chairmen had resumed shows the shameful complicity of the leadership of the House in the series of violence unleashed on the state which unfortunately had claimed one life with some of our members wounded despite police efforts at restoring peace, law and order.

“The least expected of the parliament is to investigate these substantiated weighty allegations by ALGON and the renewed orgy of violence that is enveloping our hitherto peaceful state DUE to the multiple illegal actions of a lawless governor.

We are very ready for probe.
“Before Governor Makinde ‘s coup (now aborted) against democratically elected local government, our books and finances had been thoroughly scrutinised and audited regularly by all appropriate agencies of the state government in the last administration and the last state assembly. Notwithstanding this, we boldly say, now that we have resumed duty, that all chairmen of local government and development areas are ever ready to present ourselves again for scrutiny by any unbiased agency of government that has the constitutional power to do that. In addition to this, we challenge the House of Assembly to set up a democratically elected probe panel of financial experts, professional bodies, ALGON National, trade unions including NLC & NULGE, and Civil Society Organizations for same purpose. ALGON members will make ourselves readily available.

We are for transparency, probity and accountability but not for witchhunting as the haunting CONSCIENCE of the Speaker loudly revealed in his remark while receiving the so-called report of the Kangaroo panel set up by the parliament as a hunting dog of Governor Seyi Makinde.

“Lastly, we hasten to say openly that the stage of struggle we are in now to save our dear state from lawlessness and draconian rule of the governor, is too demanding of our attention than to be distracted by any parliamentary comedy of errors and illegality, a late comedy show produced by the governor. Forward to Grassroots Democracy, Forward to rule of law and Justice.”

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