ODD NEWS: Hundreds Of Couples Call It Quit After Staying Together For Days During Coronavirus Quarantine


Scores of couples in China have filed for divorce immediately after coming out of quarantine. Due to the Covid-19 outbreak, people had to stay home. For over a month, most Chinese hardly stepped out of their homes, as advised by the government, to stop the spread of the coronavirus.


This forced time together seems to have tested some marriages as many couples are now waiting on a long queue for a divorce.

News about the long wait for couples getting a divorce in Xi’an, China, has become a hot topic on Chinese social media platform, Weibo.


According to the provincial Registrar of Marriage, appointments for divorce were all fully booked.


“And now, the public need to wait for nearly three weeks for their turn to submit the applications,” said an officer of the bureau.


He said all appointments at the bureau’s 17 offices were taken up since they reopened for operations on March 2, after a long break in the wake of the Covid-19 outbreak.

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