I Was Thrown Off Stage For Blasting The Government – Comedian Gordons Reveals


Popular comedia, Gordons has revealed in a recent interview his most embarrassing moment since he started a career in comedy.

He narrated how he was embarrassed for speaking the truth against the government.

Gordons revealed he cracked a joke about the poor state of electricity in the country and while he was still on stage, he was asked by the State Security Service (SSS) to drop the microphone after which he was bundled off the stage.

He said:-

I did a show at Nicon Hilton Hotel where ministers, members of the diplomatic corps and everybody were gathered, and I cracked a joke about electricity. I was embarrassed because in this country, they don’t want you to say the truth, but I am a comedian, I won’t shut up! I am a social commentator and I have gone beyond cracking mere jokes.

No, I was asked to drop the microphone; and SSS men escorted me to my hotel room. But I am here today doing my thing.

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