ENTERTAINMENTWhy women hang around me – Comedian Gordons


Ace comedian, Godwin Komone, AKA Gordons, has revealed why his wife does not check his phone.

He said he educated his wife not to check his phone as she might see what will break her heart.

Gordons made the revelation in an interview with The Sun, where he talked about how he copes with the opposite sex.He said as an entertainer, it’s the nature of his job to have female fans as some women come to them because they are stars.

“As an entertainer, you should educate your wife, I told my wife ‘don’t ever go to my phone because you would see what will break your heart. Just trust me because I do a job that is slippery, if I am not looking for them, they are looking for me. It is the nature of the job’‘’Number two, ‘if my phone rings, give it to me, let me answer it’.‘’

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