Covid-19 Forced Mai Atafo To Start A Side Hustle & We Are Here To Tell You About It


In a recent radio interview on Smooth 98.1 FM, popular fashion designer and entrepreneur, Mai Atafo, talked about how the fashion industry has been one of the worst hit by the corona virus pandemic.

He spoke on the difficulties being faced within the fashion industry in paying salaries now as people are no longer buying new clothes due to the fact that they are not going out as they used to before; with the main focus being to simply try to survive the pandemic.

He disclosed one of the many ways he has been making money and leveraging opportunities to cushion the effects of Covid-19. He told listeners about a new product/offering by VBank called the “Veelage”. He said it is a referral system that allows you earn by getting people to download the V by VFD app and keep a minimum of two thousand Naira (N2000) in the account for one month.

He joked that when he first heard about the offer, he was not sure it was real; added to the fact that he was feeling like a big boy, not knowing that Covid-19 had other plans. He mentioned paying the salary of his staff on the app and by so doing, earned his first 30 thousand naira and since then, he has not looked back. He said his goal is to get 3000 people to download and use the app so he can earn 2million monthly.

For anyone who would like to learn more about the Veelage, you would do well to visit the VBank website or follow the bank on all their social media platforms to find out more about how the app works.

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