CAN President Tells Buhari- Your Fight Against Corruption has just started


Samson Ayokunle the CAN President, has accused the President Buhari led government of prosecuting a one-sided war against corruption in Nigeria, He said the war against corruption appears to be only against those who are not in APC.He also added that recent actions by the presidency point to the fact that President Buhari turns the blind eye when corrupt acts are carried out by members of his own political party or people that are close to him.

We need to caution the President in particular that the fight against corruption may not be too far away from around him. Those hands that are not right around him, he should be courageous enough to deal with them. The signs that we are seeing, because we are not babies, the handwriting that we are seeing is that he has to, first of all, he should deal with the corrupt persons around him before he will be able to deal with those in distant places.  He is doing a good job in that area but he must do more  he said

The CAN President also accused the Buhari-led government of not taking any action to stop the activities of herdsmen in some parts of the country.

On the issue of herdsmen killing all over the country, the President has not done anything tangible and convincing about them. The herdsmen have been ravaging and sacking communities with reckless abandon.It appears that they are above the law. This is quite unfortunate. This administration must address that. These herdsmen have stopped the drums in many homes.

Many homes are in sorrow and agony because their breadwinners have been massacred without anybody arresting their killers. I just came from Ancha village in Plateau State, where we had to do a mass burial for 19 people killed by these herdsmen.

Up till now, no government official has visited that place. No action has been taken against these marauding herdsmen.

Why? If the President is focusing on Boko Haram in the North-East but has not done anything against the killer herdsmen, that is unfortunate, especially when we know that these Fulani herdsmen are from his ethnic clan. He needs to act fast on these herdsmen. he said


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