Ajagba vows to knock out Demirezen


Nigeria heavyweight boxer, Efe Ajagba, has vowed to knock out his fellow undefeated opponent Ali Eren Demirezen, when both boxers hit the ring on Saturday at Las Vegas’ MGM Grand Arena.

Ajagba, Nigeria’s sole representative at the 2016 Olympic Games in Rio, turned pro in 2017, with his first fight taking place in Bakersfield against Tyrell Herndon. The Nigerian boxer has since gone unbeaten in 10 bouts, with one of his opponents, Curtis Harper, famously walking out of the ring refusing to fight him after the bell.

The fight is an undercard bout in Manny Pacquaio’s Keith Thurman’s middleweight fight.

The Nigerian has promised to knock his opponent out as early as the first or second round of the fight. “I’m going to stop him either in round one or two, I’ll make sure he does not throw even one punch on my face. I’m going to make him look stupid. In this fight, I’m going to knock him out and that’s for sure.

“Everyone keeps saying this is my big fight out of all the fights I have had. So, Saturday night it’s going to be show time and I have to do what I need to do because I train hard sometimes twice, thrice a day, so there’s no way this guy can beat me.”

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